Stay as well-cared for as your baby.

The very feeling of carrying a new little life inside you is wonderful and incomparable. But sometimes, in all the excitement, you forget that it’s not just the baby that needs special care. During pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding, your body will go through a lot of changes. And you need a good team on your side to help you navigate them. Who would be better suited than true experts in this field: your doctor or midwife, Weleda and the mum with the most experience of all: Mother Nature. With this team you can truly relax, knowing you and your baby are in good hands.
* No. 1 midwives` recommendation in Germany. Source: independent market research study 2017, Germany

Why a midwife belongs on your dream team.

Why a midwife belongs on your dream team.

A midwife is an invaluable partner during pregnancy, birth and the weeks after. In most cases they can take over all your antenatal care. And having someone you can rely on for professional, practical and emotional support during this time can help ease much of the anxiety new mothers or other mum’s experience. For a special time you need special care and support.

  • Midwives are reliable allies of women and babies

  • Midwives fully support woman’s experience of pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum period

  • Midwives enhance the close ties between mums and their babies

* No. 1 midwives` recommendation in Germany. Source: independent market research study 2017, Germany

Preparing for your baby

A whole new person with diverse needs is going to be coming into the world. Besides setting up a safe and cozy place for them to rest, you will need to stock up on the essentials like nappies, clothing and baby care products. Babies’ skins are particularly thin and fragile and need especially gentle care. Take a look at our 100% NATRUE certified Calendula baby range. You’ll find products that gently protect delicate baby skin and are recommended by midwives.

Mum range – Nature knows best.

Join Team Nature and get our all natural care for you and your baby. The Weleda Mum range offers 100% NATRUE certified cosmetic products and an organic tea created by the foremost experts on pregnancy and babies: midwives, pharmacists and nature.

Stretch Mark Massage Oil

Prevents stretch marks, leaving skin smooth, elastic and flexible
100 ml

Nursing Oil

Massage, warm and stimulate breasts ready for breast-feeding
50 ml

Perineum Massage Oil

Totally natural massage oil to get ready for childbirth
50 ml