We research with knowledge and passion

We are experts in holistic natural cosmetics and anthroposophic medicines. This is how we research and develop our products.

Effective and safe

Effective and safe – all our products must possess these two basic qualities. But they can also be appealing, nurturing, soothing, healing and gently invigorating. To this end, we have over 100 specialists working in research and development.

We are experts in holistic natural cosmetics

Our natural cosmetics are designed to nurture your beauty, health and holistic wellbeing. Whether hand cream or body lotion, body oil or tooth gel, they not only care for the body, but also the mind and spirit. Our many years of scientific and dermatological expertise as well as our understanding of people go into every one of our products. In addressing the individual needs of the skin, our experts also investigate the underlying causes. Inspired by Anthroposophy’s view of nature and human beings, we find special solutions, harnessing beneficial substances from nature to create effective formulations. In every Weleda product you can discover a special quality that goes much further than skin deep.

Salutogenesis – health through self-healing

What keeps people healthy? Salutogenesis looks to the body’s own powers of self-healing which we can activate to rebalance body and mind, strengthening them and protecting them from illness.

Active ingredients and effectiveness

We take a holistic approach to the development and selection of our active ingredients. Building on 100 years of experience informed by the latest knowledge and expertise, we develop formulations with ingredients of natural origin which are effective, high-quality and innovative. 
Before we select a new extract for a product series, we conduct in-depth research on the properties of both the extract itself and the plant that it comes from. For example, for one of our moisturizers, we studied the prickly pear. Can this plant’s amazing properties support the skin? How does it retain moisture? How can it share these qualities with the skin?
In Weleda natural cosmetics, we combine specific active ingredients – such as plant extracts, essential oils and seed oils – to optimally meet the skin’s needs. And we go even further: together with the research institute at the Goetheanum in Switzerland, we investigate how the properties of plants are related to human beings, asking questions such as: Which plant species can support the skin condition of people who are more sensitive? Why are certain parts of a plant particularly suitable for use in a nourishing cream to improve uneven skin texture?

Developing high-quality natural cosmetics takes a lot of time and experience.
Dr. Bernhard Irrgang, Head of R&D Natural and Organic Cosmetics

Weleda natural cosmetics are NATRUE certified

As there was no official definition for natural and organic cosmetic products, in 2008 we joined forces with our partners to establish a seal of quality: NATRUE. We place great importance on having transparent criteria that everyone can understand and comprehend. And that’s why all of our cosmetic products, from tooth gel to foot balm, without exception, are certified by independent experts according to NATRUE’s rigorous standards. Weleda goes above and beyond the requirements when it comes to quality. This makes us one of the most uncompromising manufacturers of natural cosmetics.

A dedicated Competence Centre for our fragrances

Applying a Weleda product to the skin means inspiring the senses with its pure and natural fragrance composition. Fragrances are an important and essential part of our products’ holistic effect. Our perfumers at the Weleda Competence Centre combine natural essential oils to create fragrances that support and complement the effects of our natural cosmetics.

Inspired by aromatherapy

Even in the early days of Weleda, essential oils were used as active ingredients in our natural cosmetics and medicines, such as stimulating rosemary or soothing lavender. Over the years, we have incorporated our knowledge gained from aromatherapy into our wealth of experience with fragrances. In developing fragrance compositions, our perfumers draw inspiration from nature and the rich aromas of flowering plants, conifers and leaves. The essential oils are expertly combined so that the plants’ pure scents stir the senses. 

The effectiveness of our medicines

Efficacy, safety and quality – these are the cornerstones of our pharmaceutical research. Weleda is a modern pharmaceutical company with a long history. Many of our remedies have proven their worth over many years. In order to gain even more knowledge about the efficacy of our medicines, we collect clinical data and participate in university research projects. We also conduct our own preclinical and clinical studies to further evolve our existing medicines and develop new ones for the future.

How do Weleda medicines work?
Being sick means that our organism is out of balance. As a complement to conventional medicine, Anthroposophic medicine is an integrative approach aimed at supporting our body’s self-regulatory mechanisms to overcome illness wherever possible and reasonable. Anthroposophic remedies are designed to stimulate our natural defences and self-healing ability. They can do this because the specially prepared active ingredients they contain each has a specific effect on the impaired organ functions.

How do we conduct our research?

We have been manufacturing a wide range of medicinal products since 1921. Today, we focus mainly on conducting scientific studies on the effectiveness of our existing preparations and on the development of new products. Our research is informed by our knowledge of traditional herbal and anthroposophic medicine combined with modern scientific research methods.

What are we researching?

Our research focuses on areas that currently affect many people: eye diseases, sleep disorders and other stress-related complaints, cardiovascular diseases, digestive disorders, colds and skin diseases. 
We conduct in-depth basic research and investigate the effects of the medicines we produce using our special pharmaceutical manufacturing processes. One of our current projects is the development of an innovative herbal medicine for the treatment of sleep disorders.

Pharmaceutical research at Weleda means breaking new ground, daring to innovate, and providing clear scientific proof of the efficacy of our medicines.
Dr. Aldo Ammendola, Chief Research & Development Officer

We provide scientific evidence

Almost 300 clinical studies have been published on anthroposophic medicines. There is very good evidence for the effectiveness of certain medicines, such as Weleda Hayfever Spray (Gencydo) with lemon and quince.
One particularly convincing example is the IIPCOS study (International Primary Care Outcomes Study) comparing conventional and anthroposophic treatment of acute respiratory and ear infections in adults and children. 
The results show that physicians taking an anthroposophic approach seldom prescribed antibiotics, compared to physicians treating their patients conventionally. Nevertheless, the patients who received anthroposophic treatment were free of complaints and symptoms more quickly, and they were more satisfied overall with the therapy.